Air Exchange Systems/ Ventilators


We have exactly what you need when it comes to air exchange systems and keeping you safe while you work in hazardous ENVIRONMENTS.


Air systems international SADDLE VENT® ventilation kit

The Saddle Vent® was invented and developed by Air Systems and has been used around the world for over 20 years to make it easier and safer for workers to enter and exit a confined space. The Saddle Vent® takes up only 3 inches in a manhole opening and functions as a fresh air conduit to the workers in the confined space. With the Saddle Vent® in place, continuous ventilation is supplied to the workers by eliminating the need to remove the air duct each time a worker needs to enter or exit a confined space.

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The cvf 8' explosion proof axial fan was designed as a rugged, lightweight polyethylene fan used in rain or shine to provide fresh air for confined space ventilation.

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