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  • Government Appointed.
  • CSA B 1.1 a Frequent Inspection.
  • Performed by the user prior to each use.
  • CSA B 1.1 b. Periodic Inspection.
  • Performed by a trained and competent person annually or more often. A written record of such inspection and approval for continued use shall be retained.
  • Performed by Hercules Qualified Inspector. Certificate issued for a passed inspection. Periodic inspection shall not exceed 1 year.
  • Manufactures instructions as per the user instructional manual.



A thorough examination shall be carried out by a competent person at least every year or more frequently according to statutory regulations, manufactures recommendations, environment, type of use and past records.

  • Harness hardware buckles, D-rings, back pad, loop keepers must not be damaged, broken, distorted, and must be free of sharp edges, burrs, cracks, worn parts, or corrosion.
  • Webbing; material must be free of frayed, cut, or broken fibers. Check for tears, abrasions, mold, burns, or discoloration.
  • All labels should be present and fully legible.
  • If the impact indicator has been activated by a fall or has been subjected to an equivalent force the harness must be removed from service and destroyed.
  • If the harness has been subjected to fall arrest it must be immediately removed from service and destroyed.
  • If inspection reveals a defective condition, remove unit from service immediately and destroy.
  • Remove from service as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Remove from service if there is any doubt about the reliability of the product.
  • Clean full body harness with water and a mild soap solution. Do not use bleach or bleach solutions. Wipe off hardware with a clean, dry cloth, and hang to air dry. Do not force dry with heat.
  • Store full body harnesses in a cool, dry, clean environment out of direct sunlight. Avoid areas where chemical vapors may exist. It is best practice to hang them from the back-D ring. Thoroughly inspect the full body harness after extended storage.



In Canada the Fall Protection industry recognizes the following standards:

  • CSA Z259.10 Full Body Harness
  • ANSI Z359.1 Safety requirements for personal fall arrest systems, subsystems and components (Alberta only)

Further provincial regulations may apply. Be sure to read the manufacturer label, instructions and warnings for further safety and inspection guidelines.


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