Fire Caddy Suppression Systems


thE fire caddy SUPPRESSION systems are a portable, water-based foam firefighting system. it uses a REVOLUTIONARY fire suppressant wetting agent called flame-out which is ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly and up too 7 times more EFFECTIVE then water alone. .


Fire caddy dc (electric) 

The fire caddy dc is a 12 volt self-contained fire foam, suppression system. this high power, economical system has been engineered specifically for the high demands of fire fighting. it has a 42 gallon water tank that allows up to 11 minuets of continual run time and delivers 6.0 GPM at 110 psi, with a maximum pressure of 175 psi and a maximum flow rate of 8.2 gpm, giving the operator optimum control. with a simple push start operation the system is ready to go at the push of a button.

42gal tank.jpg

Fire caddy trailer unit (gas) 

The fire caddy trailer unit comes EQUIPPED with a 125 gallon water tank and a honda POWERED davey pumped engine on a rugged powdered coated 2" steel trailer frame and 5 gallons of flame-out. it has a 50 foot high pressure rubber discharge hose and air-aspirating NOZZLE with shut off. it also has a secondary 1" discharge NOZZLE which can be used simultaneously with primary discharge and can be extended up too 400 ft.  it comes with a 2" trailer ball REVERIE that can easily be towed by small atv vehicles. using a 15 gpm scotty nozzle allows for 9 minuets of fire fighting CAPABILITY with the use of foam which provides the equivalent of fighting fires with 700 gallons of straight water.