Breathing Apparatus

WE CARRY THE SPERIAN, MSA AND DRÄGER LINES OF BREATHING APPARATUS; EITHER SELF-CONTAINED (SCBA) OR SUPPLIED-AIR (SABA). The supplied air breathing apparatus can be rented with either 2400 psi (4-6 hours of use) or a 4500 psi (6-8 hours of use) working air cylinders. 

sperian scba.jpg

sperian survivair Cougar scba

The Survivair cougar meets the demands of industrial users who want the finest respiratory protection against ENVIRONMENTS that are IMMEDIATELY dangerous to life or health (IDLH). it comes EQUIPPED with a 30 min CYLINDER 

sperian saba.jpg

Sperian Panther SABA

the sperian panther is a combination supplied air respirator with escape cylinder for use in many industries and applications.

msa apparatus.jpg

msa airhawk scba

the msa airhawk is lightweight, durable and economical. this scba keeps CONTAMINATES at bay. ideal for a variety of industrial-hazard applications.


Msa supplied air respirator system saba

this combination supplied-air respirator with escape BOTTLE is designed especially for work. this unit is VERSATILE, comfortable and it features a single assembly first stage regulator and cylinder valve. small in size and profile. this one is ideal for working in tight places. 

msa saba.jpg

drager pas colt saba

FLEXIBLE and user-friendly. the drager pas colt has been fully approved for use in applications requiring either; short duration entry units, airline emergency escape breathing apparatus, or dual function apparatus for a long DURATION of work.