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Fires are hungry monsters. Once sparked, a fire has just one goal…grow by consuming everything flammable within its reach.

Construction sites, industrial buildings, warehouses, residential renovations, construction, resource and agricultural operations all offer even a tiny spark or flame a smorgasbord of fuels to grow quickly and furiously on.

On a jobsite or in a workplace, the first weapon against the potential destructiveness of flames is a familiar and necessary one: fire extinguishers.

Since their invention in Britain by Captain George Manby in 1819, quick actions with fire extinguishers have prevented untold damage and saved countless lives around the world.

At Orion Safety Equipment, protection is what we do. We strive to provide you with the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. Our fire extinguisher rental solutions are your first defense against a destructive and possibly injurious blaze at your workplace. We sell and carry a wide range of top fire extinguisher brands, including Amerex, Flag, Ansul and Strike First.

Manby’s first portable fire extinguisher, unveiled more than 200 years ago, was a three-gallon copper vessel filled with a pearl ash solution under compressed air pressure. Since then, fire extinguishers have evolved into devices that, when the right unit is used properly, can quickly snuff out an emergent fire before it grows into an unstoppable conflagration.

Find your type

At Orion, we can find you your type – when it comes to fire extinguishers. Depending on the type of property, site, regulations and the potential fuels in a given location, you may need fire extinguishers that use either foam, water, dry powder, wet chemical, CO₂ or other substances.

Fires come in seven different classes, and each requires a fire extinguisher specifically designed to tackle it.

  • Class A – fires caused by combustible materials including paper, fabric, wood and other flammable solids.
  • Class B – fires caused by flammable liquids such as paint, turpentine or petrol among others.
  • Class C – fires caused by flammable gases including methane, butane or hydrogen among others.
  • Class D – fires caused by combustible metals including potassium, aluminum or magnesium among others.
  • Class F – fires include those caused by cooking oils such as a chip-pan fire.
  • Electrical Fires – fires involving electrical equipment but upon removal of the electrical item, the fire class is changed.
  • Class K fire extinguishers are meant for use on fires involving vegetable oils, animal oils, or fats in cooking appliances. These extinguishers are generally found in commercial kitchens, such as those found in restaurants, cafeterias, and caterers.

At Orion we sell and rent multi-purpose fire extinguishers – such as those labeled “B-C” or “A-B-C” – that can be used on two or more types of fires. And we also carry other extinguishers, including K-Class (typically used in restaurants and catering operations where fires may involve vegetable and animal oils).

We have built strong relationships with our manufacturers. That’s given us the training and knowledge needed to ensure our staff can answer all of your questions about how to prevent fires – where ever you work.


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