Protection is what we do best. At Orion Safety Equipment, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products at the most affordable price. The relationships we have built with our manufacturers have provided us with the knowledge and training required to ensure that our employees are well informed and can answer all of your questions.

We supply only quality name brand products from MSA, 3M/Scott Fire & Safety, Honeywell/BW Technologies, Petzl, DBI/SALA to name a few. If we do not have what you need in our current inventory, we can quickly order from the manufacturer to fill your needs.

Breathing Apparatus

There are always significant risks at the workplace. Your SCBA or SABA is your first line of defence in difficult situations involving harsh climate, explosive or poisonous gases. Your Protection is what we do best. We carry MSA, Scott, Dräger, Survivair, and Sperian lines of breathing apparatus; both Self-Contained (SCBA) and Supplied-Air (SABA). We can also supply emergency escape respirators. We carry either new or recertified equipment depending on what you require.

Respiratory Protection

We stock a complete line of half and full face respirators and cartridges from quality brands such as North, 3M, MSA, and Dräger. We also carry particulate respirators or ‘dust-masks’ as well as PAPR-powered air purifying respirators.

Gas Detectors and Monitoring

Gas detection is your first line of defence in the work place. Product lines that we offer from stock include BW, MSA and Dräger. We keep single and multiple gas monitors as well as docking stations with calibration or bump gas to ensure your compliance. We can also order in other brands as needed (RKI, Industrial Scientific, Biosystems).

Personal Protective Clothing

You name it, we've got it! We carry a wide variety of personal protective clothing (PPE) from base layer to rain gear and everything in between in both standard and fire retardant versions; parkas and bib pants (summer and winter), striped fire retardant coveralls and gloves for every possible environment, cut level or chemical resistance as well as a wide variety of disposable coveralls and chemical suits. We can special order it if we don’t stock it. Our main brands are IFR, Pioneer, Whitebear, Lakeland, and Helly Hansen. We can also customize your hard hats, toques, balaclavas, and clothing with any logos, name tags, or designs that you need. Call us for a quote.

Steel Toe and Composite Toe Boots

Orion Safety Equipment is pleased to announce our new partnership with ROYER boots. We now carry their industrial lines of CSA approved boots and accessories. We have steel toe and composite toe boots suited for tradesmen in all industries and applications. Whether it’s oil and gas extraction facilities, mining, transportation, chemical, municipal, agricultural, or warehousing, retail, and food industry, we have the right boot for the job. Best of all, ROYER boots are assembled in Canada!

For extreme weather applications we also carry CSA/ASTM approved, ESR/EH rated boots and steel toe rubber boots for mining, and cold and wet weather applications. Our product lines by Baffin and Viking are designed to resist extreme elements and temperatures. We carry boots comfort rated for all season (-50°C/-58°F) to extreme cold protection (-100°C/-148°F). With features like internal metatarsal guard (mining applications), electric shock, acid and abrasion resistance. You are always properly protected.

Head Protection

Protecting you from significant risks is why we are in this business. We have a comprehensive selection of hard hats, climbing helmets, work at height/rescue helmets and accessories in our inventory. Our manufacturers include Petzl, MSA, North, and Honeywell (Fibre-Metal). These devices offer protection from inclement weather conditions, obstacles in your surroundings, or falling debris. Some of the features of these helmets are: six and eight point suspension for added protection, normal brim and full brim to help protect from UV rays and provide extra shoulder protection, easy mounting head lamps, snag release straps, protection against electrical risks, molten metal splash protection, and center fit and rear ratchet adjustment systems. We can provide you with the right solution so you can focus on what matters.

Hand Protection

Bob Dale gloves, Superior gloves and Watson gloves are our main vendors for hand protection that we have available in stock. Our glove suppliers have lines that cover every range from summer/winter, fire/heat resistance, high dexterity, puncture resistance, and up to cut level 7 protection. Also impact gloves, arc flash insulated and chemical resistant just to name a few. For every hand there is a different glove. Give us a call!

Hearing Protection

Howard Leight, MSA, North, Peltor, and 3M. We stock a full range of disposable and reusable ear plugs and ear plug dispensers, or regular head band and helmet mounted ear protection.

Eye Protection

Our manufacturers include Uvex, Edge, Pyramex, Orr, Dynamic. We supply CSA / UV rated glasses, polarized glasses, chemical splash goggles, and foam edged field glasses.

Headlamps, Flashlights and Waterproof Cases

Dark location navigation is easy with our line of Pelican, Petzl, and UK products. We can provide intrinsically safe flashlights and headlamps. You can protect your devices with crushproof/waterproof cases by Pelican and UK.

Fall Protection

Our main brands are DBI/SALA, Petzl, Protecta, Miller, North and MSA. We carry a wide variety of gear from basic harnesses and lanyards to fully engineered fall protection systems. We keep in stock a large selection of harnesses, lanyards, self-retracting lifelines, tripods and winches.

Fire Extinguishers and Emergency Lighting

We stock Amerex brand fire extinguishers and carry various types including: powder chemical (ABC, BC and PK), CO₂, K-Class, D-class, cartridge operated, halotron, pressure water and wheeled units. We also carry a variety of wall brackets, vehicle brackets, fire extinguisher wall mounted cases, and other extinguisher accessories. Our Orion technician can also test and repair most varieties of emergency lights.

Flammable Storage

We stock flammable storage containers by Justrite. We can special order any size flammable storage containers, oily waste containers, and document boxes.

Lockout Supplies

Ensuring your equipment is locked out properly while it’s being serviced can save you from accidental injuries. We stock American Lock, North, Brady and Accuform brands of lockout/tagout devices. We have tags, locks, and complete lockout stations.

First Aid Products

Our main vendors are Dynamic, Wasip, and Zoll products. We carry all varieties of eyewash stations from single use bottles to wall mounted plumbed in or gravity fed and aerosol eyewash stations. We can also supply safety showers and booths, as well as burn kits, all types of bandages, fire blankets, and dressings. We carry stretchers, all sizes of first aid kits, from AB#1 to AB#3, as well as trans-provincial first aid kits in nylon, plastic and metal cases. We also keep a very good stock of Zoll AED Plus defibrilators.

Spill Management

Enviroguard, and Justrite are our two main brands. We can provide spill kits, quick response spill kits, large truck spill kits, berms, spill containment trays and pads in oil-only and full chemical absorbant.

Safety Signage

We have a large inventory of signs for your workplace in styrene and aluminium and as decals. We have standard 10×14” and 4×4” sizes of Warning, Danger and Notice signs as well as TDG placards and labels. Custom signs are available as a special order.

Come check out our inventory supply of safety signs and decals. We stock a large inventory of signs for your workplace, vehicle stickers for first aid kits and fire extinguishers, TDG labels, as well as fire extinguisher, first aid kit, emergency shower, and eyewash decals and signs. Special area or unique signage is available as a special order product.


Our vendor partners' catalogs can be accessed via the following links. If there is something specific that you cannot find please call our shop.

Our Vendor Partners

Our relationships with our manufacturers allow us to provide a manufacturing representative to ensure that all of your questions or concerns about any product are dealt with in a knowledgable and reliable manner. We use only quality name brands.