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As a web-slinger, Spider man never had to certify his fall protection – it just always worked. But the comic book world is nothing like the reality in the working world, where those who work at heights don’t just bounce back moments after a fall.

Knowing your fall protection equipment is in top working condition and will work reliably in the event of a fall, is a life-and-death matter. On the job, up on a scaffold, ladder, or rooftop, it’s critical to ensure your employee’s Self-Retracting Lifeline gear will function as it’s designed to.

At Orion Safety Equipment Limited we do SRL Repair & Recertification – and our trained technicians take no chances when it comes to your lifelines.

When it comes to fall protection systems, manufacturer policies for safe, proper product use is constantly evolving as regulations change, and testing informs better inspection and SRL repair standards.


Knowing when a particular SRL system should be recertified takes experience and expertise, and depends on variable factors. How often an SRL is used, and in what conditions – for instance is the system frequently exposed to intense sunlight, or hot and cold temperatures? Is it stored properly in a cool dry, place? Are the units possibly exposed to salty water, oils or chemicals during use? Is gear used daily, or just a few times a month? Have there been unintentional loads placed on a unit?

All these factors can affect the durability and reliability of body harnesses, webbings, cables and retractor units. Generally speaking, recertification schedules are determined by the equipment owner. But manufacturers typically recommend annually. This can vary, and ultimately equipment owners must determine and adhere to the recertification schedules they set. Recertification is a critical part of an SRL maintenance program and is important for maintaining a safe work environment.

At Orion, we are DBI Sala and Protecta certified. We do repairs in-house, and can repair and recertify most common DBI Sala SRL’s as well as Protecta Rebel SRL’s latchway models.

We also inspect harnesses, lanyards, winches and tripods. Our experienced technician will ensure that your fallblock, lanyard, tripod, or harness meets CSA standards when it leaves our shop.

An Orion recertification process is the assurance by the manufacturer that a SRL system previously used in the field still continues to meet the strictest safety and performance standards. When an SRL system has been inspected, repaired and recertified by Orion’s manufacturer-trained technicians, the unit has, in effect, had its clock reset when it’s returned to the customer.

Inspections can usually be done on site. If you have any doubts about the condition and reliability of your SRL systems, give Orion a call. We’ll swing into action for you.


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