At Orion Safety Equipment Ltd, we believe in providing our customers with a high quality product at an affordable price. Our relationships with our manufacturers allow us to provide a manufacturing representative to accompany our sales staff to your place of business to ensure that all of your questions or concerns about any product are dealt with in an efficient manner. We use only quality name brand products.


Products Available


We stock North, MSA, Dräger and Survivair respirators along with a wide range of applicable cartridges. We can order in any other brand (3M, Scott, etc) as needed. We also carry particulate respirators, or ‘dust-masks’.


Breathing Apparatus

We carry the Sperian, MSA and Dräger lines of breathing apparatus; either Self-Contained (SCBA) or Supplied-Air (SABA). And we can sell you either new or used EQUIPMENT depending on what you require  

Gas Detectors

We stock both BW and MSA gas monitors. We can also order in other brands if needed (Industrial Scientific, Dräger, Biosystems   etc.)

Personal Protective Equipment

You name it, we got it! We carry a wide variety of PPE and can order in anything you might need. Our main brands are Honeywell, MSA, North, IFR, Uvex, Watson, Pioneer, and Helly Hansen. We can also CUSTOMIZE your gear with any logos or designs that you need

Fire Extinguishers

We stock the Amerex brand of Fire Extinguishers and carry all the different styles and sizes of extinguishers INCLUDING; powder chemical (abc, Bc and PK), CO2, K-Class, D-class, CARTRIDGE operated, halotron and pressure water. We also carry a variety of wall brackets, vehicle brackets and other extinguisher accessories.


We carry a wide variety of fall protection equipment and can order in anything you might need. Our main brands are DBI, Petzl, Protector, Miller, North and MSA